The Division of Transit and Rail (DTR) within the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has initiated the process of developing the Department’s first Statewide Transit Plan. Using the Plan as a foundation, CDOT will be able to implement policies and strategies for funding enhanced transit services throughout the state. These transit services will facilitate mobility for the citizens and visitors of Colorado, offer greater transportation choice to all segments of the state’s population, improve access to and connectivity among transportation modes, relieve congestion, promote environmental stewardship, and improve coordination of service with other providers in an efficient, effective and safe manner.

Consistent with state law, DTR is responsible for the development of “a statewide transit and passenger rail plan that shall be integrated by the department as an element of the Statewide Transportation Plan. The plan shall identify local, interregional, and statewide transit and passenger rail needs and priorities.” In 2010, DTR took the first step in achieving this requirement with the development of the Colorado State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan, adopted by the Colorado Transportation Commission in March 2012. The next step for the Division is to develop a Statewide Transit Plan.

The Statewide Transit Plan will take approximately 15 months to develop. The process will include a variety of activities from data collection and analysis to public involvement and agency coordination. The Project Overview Schedule and Work Plan indicate the work elements taking place over the project period from May 2013 to June 2014.